FERVAL | Los Mejores Alimentos para u VIda
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About us

We are a company in the agribusiness sector, committed to the conservation of biodiversity and the quality of life of producers, we work with organic products such as instant gelatinized maca flour, maca flour with instant gelatinized quinoa in a single product and the cocoa powder.


We manufacture quality organic products with easy digestion for both the national and international markets, through the effective use of distribution and marketing chains. Thus satisfying the nutritional needs of the final consumer, providing health benefits.


To be a leader in the manufacture of organic, nutritious, healthy and natural foods in the national and international market that benefits human health, working with high standards of quality and safety, helping the producer in its economic, social growth.

promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, for the care of health and the environment. We promote the incorporation of healthy habits, and responsible consumption of products and resources, to improve the quality of life of people

The benefits of maca have been known since time immemorial


Maca increases strength and endurance, sports performance and general sense of well-being.
Widely recognized for improving fertility and libido. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Maca and Quinoa

It is a product made from instant gelatinized maca flour and instant gelatinized quinoa flour. It is a superior and healthy food apt to be consumed by children, youth, adults and the elderly.



The maca occurs in high Andean areas above 4 thousand meters above sea level and is cultivated since the Inca period in the departments of Junín, Pasco and Huancavelica. Maca is a superior, healthy food